Other Business Services

  • Merchant Machine Program

            We offer several types of merchant machines that will allow your business to accept both credit and debit card transactions. 

            We also have products available for businesses to accept debit and credit card payments right from your website and mobile device.  Rates and fees vary. 


  • Business Manager

            BusinessManager from ProfitStars allows you to get cash for your accounts receivable deposited directly into your bank account by selling them to the bank at a discount.

            Improve cash flow, offer financing options to your customers, improve collections, save time and money, and manage your operations efficiently with BusinessManager.

            Bridge the gap between your payables due now and the receivables your customers won't remit for 30 days or more and give your business a competitive advantage.

            Contact your local branch for more information on how BusinessManager goes to work for your business.       


  • ACH Manager

            Automatically deposit payroll, contract labor checks, and any other type of account credits that may occur. 

            Electronically draft payments such as monthly membership fees, church tithes, and monthly payments, along with other types of debit transactions from your customers. 

            Rates and fees vary by types of ACH transactions.


Please feel free to contact your local branch for more information on these programs.

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