Business Online Banking

First National Bank believes in providing our customers with the highest quality customer service at all times, even after hours.

With FirstNET Online Banking, your bank is NEVER closed. You have 24 hour access to your accounts, with the capability to transfer money between your accounts, pay your bills, and see your account balances any time of the day or night.

As a commercial banking customer, your online banking will be custom designed for your specific banking needs. With options such as ACH Transfers, Account to Account Transfers, Stop Payments, Domestic Wire Services, and Bill Payments – your website will be as unique as your business. Please contact one of our customer service representatives for more information on how your banking can be customized for your needs.

Our new ACH Manager programs offers business options for direct deposit payroll, direct draft of payments from their customers, and the ability to turn check payments into electronic transactions.  This allows your employees to get their money instantly with direct deposit, as well as gives you the security of knowing that your accounts receivables will come in every month electronically.  Any business can sign up for business online banking, and our ACH Manager fees are minimal compared to the time, money and energy saved writing checks to your employees or collecting money from your customers.  Customers already utilizing our ACH program include electric companies, mini-storage facilities, school districts, construction companies, assisted living facilities and nursing homes, day care centers, retail establishments, and radio stations.  Let First National Bank make your job a little easier with ACH Manager. 

Already utilizing ACH Manager? Check out EPCOR and stay up to date with ACH rule changes and upcoming Federal Requirements. Need a quick reference? Click Here for a copy of the 2018 ACH Quick Reference Guide. A full copy of the 2019 NACHA Operating Rules can be obtained by contacting your local branch office.

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The minimum version of Internet Explorer for use with online banking solutions 5.0 is Internet Explorer 9 (IE9). IE8, Opera, IE10 and IE11 (‘Metro’ mode) are no longer supported due to a higher level of security risk. Operating Systems Windows XP and MAC OS 10.6 are not compatible with online banking solutions. ACH for business online banking customers will not function with IE9 (64-bit), IE10 (64-bit), IE11 (64-bit), or Apple Safari 6+ (MAC OS only).

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